Sunday, September 20, 2009

Something for me to remember...

Our church just kicked off a new series.
Faith in Action!
I am so excited about it. We have just had the first service today. We took a look at the Good Samaritan, in Luke 10:25-37. Which was a familiar story to me. I have learned a couple more interesting facts about this story.
1st the "expert in the law" was testing Jesus at first.
2nd Jesus then reversed the same question back to the "expert"
3rd the "expert" took advantage and started showing off the right answer
4th Jesus told him he was right and that he needed to do LIKEWISE.
5th the "expert" wanted to justify himself...and take the easy route.
THEN Jesus told a wonderful but unexpecting story...the Good Samaritan.
Did you know...
...that the road from Jerusalem to Jericho was a 17 mile stretch of dangerous, rocky, nasty road filled with robbers.
...that Jesus told about the "wrong" characters of the story according to the "expert." The "expert" thought Jesus was going to say..."a Priest, a Levi and a Jew" NOT a Samaritan.

This Good Samaritan took a Detour!
This Detour took a Risk! -- What Risks have you taken that inspires others?
This Detour took Personal Involvement. -- What can you involve yourself?
This Detour took Time. -- How much time can you give?
This Detour took Money. -- I know that money is somewhat tight in many peoples lives but give what you can and GOD will reward you.

Sometimes I know that Detours are not fun in life...but sometimes they are rewarding.
You might have found that "hole in a wall food place" that you love or even the beautiful place to take your family for a fun outing. Just remember keep an open mind to what GOD is calling you to do. (I am mainly putting this up for my benefit that I can read over and remember!!!)
Thank you and God Bless! Maybe you have an EXCELLENT week following Detours.

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