Saturday, September 19, 2009

sometimes life just isn't fun...

Hey readers,
My little boy has been fighting something for a while. First we just thought it was allergies (all of us were fighting that the weekend of camping during Labor Day. Then it just got more severe...when Rick saw that "Z" was playing with his ear, luckily Rick has the instruments to look in his ear so that way we don't waste my time as well as the doctor's time. I was able to get into the doctor that morning and be seen in 30 minutes. Of course he does have an infection in one of his little ears. Hopefully the medicine will help sooner rather than later. Although he isn't a monster when he is sick he just isnt' his little happy self. Here are some pictures to prove it...he also likes to "milk" everything for all it's worth. He loves to try to get attention from us even though he is perfectly well.

Need I say more...all of his toys are outside of the tub.
Isn't he lovely?

Well thanks so much for reading...I hope that you have a GREAT weekend.

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