Saturday, October 10, 2009

So close...but yet so far away!

We are down to ONE MORE WEEK! It's actually getting really tiresome. I am not sleeping well...even when I am really tired I just lay in bed and can't fall asleep. Then I have an almost 14 month old little boy that likes my attention! This week was better than last week that is for sure. HOWEVER I did decided at some point in time we will have to fix the garage door. It keeps getting either stuck open or closing half-way closed/open. GRR! All well.
My son has been more cuddly lately! It is nice...he gets so excited to see me get on the floor. He also is standing more and more on his own...HOWEVER has not taken any steps on his own. There are some people that think he is just waiting until he sees his daddy, not wanting Rick to miss anything.
This morning, we had snow on the ground (sorry no pictures)...Not very much and it was gone by 1:30/2:00 pm. But it was cold. We had an SOS outing planned to go to the World Food Festival in the East Village. So we couldn't "lounge" around in the morning. When we were leaving I was putting on "Z-Man's" hat and gloves, he didn't like how long it took to get ready though...and he just looked at the snow falling going what is this? It was quite funny. We meet up with some friends...and his good buddy and mine feed him Fried Veggies (green beans, sweet potatoes, zucchini)
We then went to my FAVORITE place in the East Village...Gong Fu Tea (I went there at the beginning of the time to get tea to warm up...and then I got another tea to get warmed up again) We didn't make it back in the car no more than 10 minutes and Z is back there SLEEPING!
With it getting colder I can't let "Z" sleep in his short sleeves and tonight was the first night in 18 month PJ's. As you see they are a little long...but he can grow into them.
So like I said before...ONE more week to go.
In 1 week, "Z" & I will be in Denver, CO with Grandpa & Grandma Rapp. We will spend the night there and then get on the road with them to go to Lake City, CO where Rick is doing his rotation there. He will then have 1 more week there. So he has 2 weeks down in his rotation and 2 more to go. From what I can tell on the phone, on Skype and through e-mails he is doing well and likes the rotation, the doctor, the clinic and the mountains...
Before "Z" went to bed...we had our story time, our prayer time and our kisses...He just leans forward and opens his mouth.
So I hope that you had an excellent 10th day of the 10th month!


  1. I am so excited to see you both! Our little boy is growing so much. You are right that I am loving my rotation here in Lake City. The one downside is that you are not here yet. Enjoy your Sunday Beautiful and I will skype with you later :-)

  2. Hi Katrina! Thanks for the Pumpkin Brownie recipe. It was good; it satisfied my need for chocolate and without the eggs and oil that usually come with brownies! Thinking of you!

  3. Cute little Z in his hat! :) Can't wait until you get to see Rick <3


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