Friday, November 27, 2009

Thankfulness & Black Friday!

So as of right now I think I am only really blogging on Friday...I will be blogging more I just need to take pictures of the new stuff that I have completed for projects and what not. So that will happen THIS weekend. Also will the Christmas Decorating and the beginning of telling Little "Z-Man" no...please don't touch...
Yesterday for Thanksgiving...we didn't have any family that came and money is so tight that we stayed in Des Moines. DMU every Thanksgiving puts out a dinner with ALL the fixings! So I made Cinnamon Rolls & we watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. At one point we paused it so we could get ready to go for lunch. Then we were able to get past the commercials and other stuff we didn't care to watch. We headed to our lunch at DMU (there was even some left overs to take home!) We then went back home "Z" fell asleep and had a good nap. Rick and I basically just looked at the adds. We had "some" money that we could play around with if we saw some items for Black Friday. We then went to our dear friends house to watch the Bronco & Giants game. (I worked on some knitting) I have SO much to be Thankful for this year! To many to actually name them all! A couple main things would be...
~ A God who loves me regardless that I am a human being.
~ A Husband who loves me and is such a great Father.
~ A wonderful, carefree little boy.
~ An amazing family who's love and support has help make me the person I am today.
~ A rough over my head, food in my belly, clothes on my back.
~ Amazing friends...Church, SOS, Blog World, Facebook, etc.
Today my dear friend, Christia, came to my house at 2 AM!!! to come and get me to drive to Wal-Mart. There was only some stuff that both of us really wanted and we scouted the area and found stuff that was there. We had made some awesome deals...I got back to my house at 7, and "Z" was just waking up when I got in.
Now we are hanging out...I am losing my steam and about to see if I could take a little nap.
Then get stuff cleaned up and organized and Christmas Decorations out.

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