Friday, November 20, 2009

It's been an interesting week...

So I realized that I haven't blogged for a week. WHAT? is that right! Apparently I have been busy or something...
Well last weekend was busy. We had our 1st Life Group on Friday night. I spent Saturday getting ready for our second Life Group on Sunday. On Sunday; church, then over to a friends house for football & knitting, & then over to another friends house for our 2nd Life Group.
On Monday..."Z" & I got our chili ready and made corn muffins for our SOS Feed Our Students (there were a lot of students studying for exams the next day!) Then we went over to a friends house for "Z" to play with his friends and my to talk & craft with mine.
On Tuesday...I had Willing Hands Life Group. Figuring out that really and truly it is much better to give then to receive.
On Thursday..."Z" & I went over to a friends house to watch their 3 boys. Later that night Rick came over and below is picture of Rick getting tackled.Today...I have a 15 month old! "Z" is 15 months old! Here is picture of him.He now has his 8 front teeth, 2 back molars and 2 swollen areas for his other 2 molars...
Also I have been doing some here is my project.
"Z's" Denver Broncos longiesDeep purple hat in the process...after this I have 2 more to make!

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