Friday, November 13, 2009

Check out these...

I am so excited to share with you these different ways to get a giveaway...

This one I already took advantage of check out this... With a coupon code you can get 50 FREE cards & FREE shipping. It is good until Nov 30th!

Here is one to get a Select Number True Silver Sheets (Almost a $300 value) FREE!

This one is to win a Nobbie Kindle Giveaway...I would so LOVE to have one of these Kindles or the new Nook so here check out this link and sign-up to win one of the new Kindle (if not for yourself then for me or another reader that you know.)

The other giveaway I have entered to win is a Ergo Organic Baby Carrier (even though my baby is almost 15 months...I would LOVE to win this) It includes, an ERGObaby carrier, a backpack, and a front pouch. You can use all the items together, or separately. This is a $200 value!

So I hope that you enjoy those giveaways...for more check out!
or this one

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