Thursday, November 12, 2009

Last weekend of PHOTOS!

Hey this past weekend we had a lot of fun with our friends...lots of different friends.

On Friday, we had a great "double" date with kids at Costco. Pizza for dinner and a little shopping.

On Saturday, we had fun with our DMU friends...we had lunch plans and dinner plans. Our lunch friends, were Rick's old study buddies. We had lots of different items; I made queso, the black bean hummus, and I also brought veggies, salsa and veggie dip. There was also a split pea soup and potato & pumpkin casserole. It was all very yummy!!! For our dinner plans, we had my friend Christia (from SOS) and her family over. Because it was SO beautiful out we decided to get together and swap taking pictures. We went over to Erwing Park and had a blast taking pictures. Then we went to our house and had pizza. Keep reading for pictures of our family!

On Sunday, we had fun at our church and I invited one of my SOS friends to church with us. So her and her husband (who is a DO student just like Rick but a 1st year) came to church with us and then we ate at Stella's (which is the place where you can get your milkshake poured into your cup on your head) although we didn't have that happen to us ;)

Here are some pictures of our family!!!

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