Tuesday, November 10, 2009

10 on the 10th of November

SO I have recently read this blog Meredith at Life at 7000ft I really have enjoyed it. She has some great meals, great recipes and had a great giveaway this past week with her anniversary. Although I didn't win :(
So I thought I would join in her with her 10 on the 10th...I think I will write about the 10 things I SHOULD be doing but am not!

1) I should be cleaning, with a 14 month old...the house never looks clean even though when people were over this weekend it looked "ok"

2) I should be using my prioritizing papers more seriously and make a meal list, grocery list, and a to do list.

3) I should be folding and putting away laundry and other clean clothes that I got laying around to be put away.

4) I should be taking pictures or videos of my son walking all over the place and getting into everything!!!

5) I should be thinking about a lunch for "Z-Man & myself...then it will be the little guys nap time, YEAH!!!

6) I should NOT have tears in my eyes for watching something on TV for the 3rd time...but oh how it tugs & pulls at my heart.

7) I should be working on a photo, address directory for a club called Significant Others' Support for Des Moines University...a club built by Significant Others' FOR Significant Others'. (I will do that more when the "Z-Man" is napping...I started it yesterday...)

8) I should be going through my knitting items and organizing it into one area.

9) I SHOULD be working or thinking about a Christmas ideas for people...we are going to "hand make" or try for a "hand made" holiday this year. Along with a Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year or even Valentine's Day cards...I am thinking about the last one is when we can afford to get cards and send them out.

10) I should put a blog out there about our Family Photo Shoot...but until that time I will just put one of my favorites of the family and one more of my adorable son..."Z"


  1. So glad you joined the fun! Your family is beautiful.

    And believe me, I can always find plenty of things I "should" be doing!

  2. Organize your knitting? You mean it's not supposed to be on the fireplace hearth, in the car, in a purse, and on the end table? I guess I better start my list of "shoulds".

  3. I'm with you on the crying along to good TV episodes, and all the handmade shoulds.


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