Thursday, December 10, 2009

10 on the 10th!

So I have been thinking all day what I am going to write about on the blog today...
One of my blog friends, Meredith, host the 10 on the 10th. She wrote about Christmas Songs.
I thought I could do Christmas Songs, Christmas Movies, Christmas Traditions, To Do List, and so on and so forth...But I thought I would do something that is a little closer to home. We have had some great family days the past two days. IOWA has been hit with a MAJOR snow & blizzard storm that hit Tuesday. So Rick has had two days off at the clinic (he is doing his Neurology Rotation at the VA). I wanted to have a list of the wonderful 10 things that we were able to do during "snow" days...
1) "Z" has enjoyed climbing & crawling all over his daddy...(photo below)
2) A number of Christmas movies have been watched (Holiday Inn, Elf, Miracle on 34th St, Christmas Vacation, and various Hallmark movies)
3) LOTS of snuggling with my little "Z-Man" (photo below)
4) Days spent in our pajamas...(photos below of "Z" in his Christmas Sock Monkey "Life is Good" Pajamas)
5) Get to watch the hard working men that shovel and plow the snow outside our condo. (photo below)6) Playing Mario Kart and BEATING my dear, wonderful husband! (photo below)7) Baking Christmas Cookies...Today I made Christmas Cut-Outs! (photos below)8) I just to keep knitting....the The Wonderful Shiloh's Square Hat! (photo below) I also knitted other stuff...can't show pictures yet...sorry!(Precious little Shiloh with her new hat...she was a little over 3 days old!)
9) I have been able to take some great pictures of "Z-Man" & Edmund the cat...("Z-Man" fell asleep eating lunch!)
(I think "Z" decided that Rick needed to drink a block)
Edmund resting while I was knitting
10) I have been drinking Gong Fu Tea's Holiday Blend like CRAZY!!! LOVE this stuff!


  1. How fun it would be to hang out with you on a snow day!!!

    Love your cookies and the picture of your husband an son!

    Is it still snowing???

  2. Well, yay for an end to snow. I'm sure you'll have more before too long though, right? Stay warm!

    Hey, you should be able to reply to my comment from your email inbox. Maybe not. But I thought I had it set up so you're able to.

    G'night. I'm heading to bed!

  3. Dad'd being home are the best! Yummy cookies, makes me ready to bake some!


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