Friday, December 4, 2009

Craft Up-Date & Handmade Holiday...

So I decided to put this all in one post...
There are NO names because Christmas hasn't come yet. I am just wanting to know people what I am working on!
So for Rick's school (DMU) significant other group (SOS) we did a Holiday project where we Adopted a Family. We got the specifics on the family and it's a single mother, with a son & two daughters. Money is SO tight right now for us I decided that I would make two hats for the girls. One is pink & the other purple, attached are 3 flowers with a ribbon along the edge of the hat. Below is a picture.
Right now I am working on some other details given (you will have to wait until next weekend to see finished projects and their owners)

Next...I will be working on some other projects...
---A couple small painting projects
---A two-toned pink hat
---Two pair of gloves with super soft black fiber
---Some family calendars
---Some handmade cards
NEEDLESS to say I should NOT be blogging but I should be working on all my projects that I need to have done PRONTO!!!

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