Saturday, February 20, 2010

A little of this & a little of that...

So I haven't written since I have done my "book report" I just uploaded some pics today and wanted to share some stuff with you, my dear readers...

Thankful Thursday...
Seeing that it is Friday, I can still write that I am thankful for stuff even though I am a day late.
1) Thankful for meeting new friends (I really owe that to MOPS...what a lifeline!)
2) Thankful for a loving & supportive husband (who is also a WONDERFUL father to my son)
3) Thankful for seeing my little boy (who will be 18 months tomorrow!) who is growing and oh so fun to be around.
4) Thankful for the ability to create.
5) Thankful for a God who loves me.
6) Thankful for the ability to blog & write ideas.
7) Thankful for my family who I can feel their support, prayers & love.

My Valentine's Day Weekend...
So usually I am not a big let's go all out for Valentine's Day. BUT my husband had the idea to plan a big thing for us. So on Saturday we had a lot fun. He treated me to getting a pedicure. (Rick had "Z" at the moment) We went to Gong Fu Tea (my FAVORITE place in the East Village), we went to the Half-Price Book Store...THEN we were able to drop off "Z" AND then we grabbed a quick bite to eat, went to Barnes & Noble (Rick let me get 2 new knitting books) THEN we had our funny, laughing time at Funny Bone. We were able to pick Z up and then headed home. Pic of Rick & I belowOn Sunday I was teaching preschool SO I was able to spend it with some Valentine's that are oh so cute! Pic of the kids & I belowfPhoto Friday
"Z" has became a climber. He is LOVING the ability to get up and see things at a different level. JUST today he decided that he was done cuddling with me on the couch after he woke up from his nap. SO I found him here...(pics below)
My little happy guy (most of the time) Teething is happening so we have are good days & our bad days...BUT mostly the good days out number the bad ones. OR on the bad days he makes it all worth while and makes my heart melt just like the very first time I heard his heartbeat when he was in my womb and even when I heard him first cry after he was born. My dear son, Ezekiel Thomas Cadman how I love you oh so much...thanks for making my life more joyable. And to my husband, Rick, thanks for being such a great & loving husband, and a wonderful father.
Tomorrow night is the night that Des Moines University has there Gala (or Medical School Prom) so stay tuned for pics on that...


  1. Your Valentine's outing sounds so delightful! Totally my kinda fun.
    I love going to book stores and just browsing. And I didn't realize that you liked to knit. I just learned how and am really enjoying it. I posted a photo just this morning of a hat I made for my little guy.

  2. LOVE the pics of your little guy, and so glad you had a fun Valentine's date!

    This has nothing to do with your post but I absolutely LOVE the argyle fabric on that chair. SO awesome!!!


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