Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Flooring... we rent a condo from a DMU student. When we moved in the carpet was good (not perfect) but it served it's purpose.
We also have a cat (who decided that he didn't like the placement of his litter box) and wanted to go in a more "quiet" location of the 2nd bedroom (it was in a "louder" space). I was trying EVERYTHING to get the wonderful smell of cat urine out of the carpet...I tried a bunch of different things but didn't want a lot of toxins in there because after all "Z" does sleep in that bedroom. SO after much talk about the smell of that room. Rick saying it's saying NO way (especially seeing that it is at least "trying" to get warmer outside) Rick looked for flooring to put down in the 2nd bedroom. We talked to the landlords and they said they would be ok with it but it would come out of our pocket. LUCKILY we got our tax returns so that helped.
SO we started the process on Saturday and it got finished on Sunday. Rick had a system going and it seemed easy enough for me to do it BUT someone had to keep little "Z" happy. And that job fell to me.
But here are you see there is still SOME stuff like a baseboard and trim around the doors need to be put on. BUT it will get done eventually. We also are trying a new layout of the furniture.
Stay tuned for more blogging to come...I have something in the works for tomorrow (Thursday) and the next day (Friday)
Sorry there are no pictures of "Z"...I know that is why normally read this blog. ;)


  1. Love the new floors! SO impressed you guys did that! Cute room for Z!

  2. Oh it looks very nice! I agree, there is NO getting cat-pee-smell out. When we moved into the house at Redcloud, we had to remove the carpet because of cat pee too. Actually it went down to the subfloor and we had to bleach and kilz that before we recarpedted. I love cats, but....

    But really, that room looks great with the laminate floor!

  3. Looks GREAT. I'm impressed that you guys could do that yourself. J would NEVER attempt it. He's happy to just write the check for things like that. LOL!

  4. Such a cute room! I love wood floors, so much easier to clean, right? :)


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