Friday, March 5, 2010

Following You Friday...Elohim I am doing my book study Praying the Names of God by Ann Spangler, I am learning SO much. I am touched by the comments that I have gotten written in my previous post HERE. I actually just finished reading one of them today before and I was in TEARS. I have such GREAT people that comment on my blog! I look forward to looking for them.
Elohim -- God, Mighty Creator
Here are some of my notes on the past couple days as well as more stuff at the bottom SO PLEASE Continue reading.
~ Elohim desires to use his creative power not only to sustain us and the world he has made but to create for us a life filled with blessings...So I asked Elohim for what I need, believing in both his his power to bless and his desired to care for me.
~ Elohim is the God who is the same yesterday, today and forever. He wants me drive closer to Him with whatever challenge or change that confronts me. My God, My Elohim is a God who is so stable and strong that I can lean on him FOREVER!
~ Elohim is not like any of his flawed creatures (when it comes to making promises and keeping them) He is Absolutely Reliable, Completely Trustworthy & Entirely able to follow through on His word.
~ Elohim as the Creator has infinite resources to accomplish His Purposes.
Here are a couple of Scriptures for you to check out...
Isaiah 40:28-29
Isaiah 41:10
Genesis 28:15
Genesis 9:6
Genesis 9:12-17
Psalm 18:28 ~~~ "Suddenly, God, you floodlight my life, I'm blazing with glory, God's glory!" (The Message translation.)

On another note...but still related to Elohim, God, Mighty Creator. I have been listening to a song from Leeland called Follow You (thus the title of the post) A while back I had the ability to actually hear Leeland Their Website in person at Beulah Beach Camp WEBSITE HERE. They lead High School students into Worship for a week. It was rather wonderful to be there. I have been following their music since then. So when I heard their song Follow You (that has Brandon Heath sing too...which I like him as well) I so wanted to share the song, some of the lyrics (if you want the lyrics I will e-mail you so contact me with your e-mail!) and reason behind the song with you. So there will be a video of them singing and showing you photos and videos from Cambodia. The reason behind this song was they wanted us to know that Justice & Worship should lead to an experience of Action to show God's Love. Because Love isn't Love unless there is an action behind it.
Here are some of the Lyrics...
"all my needs you have supplied."
"how could I not give it away so freely?"
"and I follow you into the homes that are broken. follow you into the world. meet the needs of the poor and the needy, God, follow you into the world."
"use my hands, use my feet."
"cause faith without works is dead. and on that cross your blood was shed."
"I give all myself, I give all myself, I give all myself... to you"

So enjoy your in Iowa it will be in the 40's so I am hoping to open up a window and get some fresh air in the house.
I'm sorry there are no pictures of "Z-Man" But there will be tomorrow along with another thing that will be happening...

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