Sunday, March 7, 2010


So Sunday is usually a day where my family goes to church, we come home have naps (well usually "Z-Man" & I nap, Rick naps on occasion), we usually just have a "lazy" afternoon, and every now and then we have something going on Sunday evenings with other friends from church (But not this Sunday because there is a sickness going around our church!)
Today was really no exception to the Sunday type of day. "Z" & I went to church, Rick wasn't feeling so hot with a head cold...PLUS he woke up at 3:30am and COULDN'T go back to bed. We came home and "Z" fell asleep on the way home and I feel asleep soon there after (meaning I got inside and had some lunch) It was a very relaxing...
I finally have some pictures of "Z" that we would like to share with you...

So I have something to tell you...if you got it from the pictures you are one smart blog reader! So We will be adding to our family here at the end of October.
The first picture, "Z's" shirt said Big Bro.
The second picture is a shirt I made for "Z" that says Mom's Knocked Up (We saw it online & thought we liked I made it!).
The last picture has nothing to do with a new addition to our family, we sort of did we got a Wii, "Z" has a little "play" controller so he plays with us. He even likes to play with it even when it's not on...he does the "bowling motion" along with sounds too!

I'm excited to this coming up week of the study, El Roi is the next name of glad I am doing this!


  1. Oh, congratulations! I LOVE Z's shirts ;) So excited for you! I always wanted an October baby, sounds like a great month for a birthday ;)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! That is so exciting!!! And I love the t-shirts!


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