Tuesday, March 9, 2010

10 on the 10th...

SO I know it's not really the 10th yet...but it will be tomorrow and I wanted to share with you right now...BECAUSE I have another blog coming tomorrow and that is going to be about the Praying in the Names of God.
So my dear friend Meredith has a wonderful Linky for you to look at other peoples 10 on the 10th...so you can look here. Meredith did 10 things she did today (which is Tuesday)...
I'm going to do 10 things that I want to get accomplished tomorrow...I mean after all I do have an 18 month old and if you haven't read it from THIS BLOG...then you will understand why this might be a stretch for me. (PLEASE take some time and read my previous blog please so you can understand if you haven't already read it)
So here are my 10 things I want to get accomplished tomorrow...or my TO DO list...(in NO particular order)
1) Actually eat 3 decent meals...and only 1 of them consist of having cereal! (I'm a cereal lover and would eat it for all 3 meals if I could.)
2) Blog about El Roi.
3) Have my Time with God; reading God's Word, listening to Praise & Worship Music and having some communication time with God (where I don't do all the talking!!!)
4) Take a Shower (I want to say before a certain time...but that REALLY depends on little "Z-Man")
5) FINISH laundry...all of it is now clean it just needs to find a home!
6) MAKE dinner & set out chicken to defrost for Thursday's meal. :)
7) Go to church for our annual meeting.
8) KNIT!!! (If all else false bring knitting to the annual meeting and knit during that time)
9) Take photos
10) Read!

Because I know the real reason that you read this blog is to see pictures of my family (usually of "Z") I will add them now. Recently I was watching one of my friends children (2 boys...3 and 6 months) So we pulled out our excersaucer for him to play in..."Z" LOVES IT!!! He gets in and gets out all by himself.

YES, I am indeed pregnant; We will be adding to the Rapp family at the end of October...you will find out more about it after my first pre-natal visit...when I know more.


  1. I love your list for today! Praying that it comes to completion for you. Congratulations on the the new addition--so wonderful!!

    With Joy,

  2. Hi! I popped over from Meredith's list! Congratulations on your new family member!! Hope your pregnancy goes well!

    We used to call my son's exersaucer his "office" because he played so seriously the whole time he was in it. Your son is a cutie!

  3. GREAT list! I hope you get all or most of it accomplished...but if you don't...give yourself some grace...after all you are doing the most important job in the world--mothering your child(ren)! So happy about your news, Katrina. That is so exciting.

  4. Hi, here from 10 on the 10th.

    Congrats and best wishes on your pregnancy! Hope you feel well.

    There's always something on the to do list, isn't there? I'm a cereal lover, too.

  5. Does one ever really FINISH laundry?

  6. LOVE cereal too. The kids always ask what's for dessert and I say CEREAL!!! :)
    Happy baby news!!! :)


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