Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday - Praying the Name of God

El Roi -- The God Who Sees Me
I have enjoyed looking at this book and reading what other people wrote about who El Roi is to them. You are more than welcome to check out my friend Jill at Forever n Ever n Always to see her readings & teachings on it as well as other that linked up to her. Jill doesn't just write what God is speaking to her on one day but she writes every day during the week about it. So you should take a look.
Alright back to what God has been telling me about El Roi or what I have learned about The God Who Sees Me.
God Revealed his name to Hagar while she was crying in the dessert, at the time she was running away from her mistress Sarai. Hagar was pregnant & alone. The angel of the Lord spoke to her and Hagar gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: "you are the God who sees me, I have now seen the One who sees me." -- I think it must be very important to note that she said it twice.
Lord, I praise you for you know the whole story. From beginning to end, you see it all. Give me the humility to admit my limitations. For I don't always see the past accurately, my vision of the present is often blurred, and I am blind when it comes to the future. Help me fasten my eyes on you, trusting in your vision for my life and in your watchful care.
El Roi, a God so watchful that he is said to note when even the smallest sparrow falls to the ground, this is the God who watches over you today, whether or not you recognize his presence. Aware that you may sometimes find yourself in desolate places, he is always near, helping you find a path through troubles, working out his plans for your future.
Today's lesson...
I will reflect on Genesis 21:1-21
I will Praise God for faithfully hearing my prayers
I will offer thanks for God's timely help
I will confess my disbelief despite the evidence of God's past faithfulness.
I will ask God to continually hear my prayers to him and giving me peace until he answers them. (I reworded this from what was written it said "to hear my cries for help." which I know God hears my cries for help it's a matter of me WAITING for the answer)
Today I continue to ask El Roi, the God who sees me, to open my eyes to HIS work and to increase my faith even and especially when HIS promises seem impossible to fulfill.

So if you have checked in on This Post that has my "to do list"
Here is my update on that...
#1 -so far I have had 2 meals...the 3rd one is in the works
#2 -DONE
#3 -Not yet...but plan to do that next.
#4 -YEAH I actually did this around 9ish!
#5 -NOPE not done yet...all well.
#6 -Defrosting chicken...but we are going to McD's for dinner (all of us are getting Happy Meals for less then $2!)
#7 -That will happen later
#8 -Not yet...but I'm hoping to do that at the annual church meeting
#9 -NOPE not yet
#10 -Nope not yet...
But one of my dear readers did tell me this so now I don't feel like I have to do EVERYTHING at one time...she said the below
"GREAT list! I hope you get all or most of it accomplished...but if you don't...give yourself some grace...after all you are doing the most important job in the world--mothering your child(ren)! So happy about your news, Katrina. That is so exciting."
She is talking about my news of expecting a baby.


  1. Katrina, congratulations on your pregnancy. What a gift from God! El Roi sees and knows all, doesn't He?


  2. Blessings Katrina...Your sweet little Z man is so precious so that's great news about your pregnancy. Congrats..

    I love that prayer also and shared it but your own affirmations in El Roi are great rewordings. AMEN...
    that EL ROI, who sees us, may open our eyes to His work & increase our faith.

    Holding on to His promises with you as EL ROI watches over us even more than the sparrows.

  3. Katrina - first CONGRATS on your pregnancy!


    God is amazing!

    Love the post and your prayer! Thanks for joining in and sharing your heart once again!

    Blessings and prayers for your new miracle!


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