Friday, March 19, 2010


That I have been MIB (Missing in Blogland) I could tell you all the reasons why I have been MIB...BUT really and truly you just want me to blog and put pictures of my "Z-Man."

So this past week I have been reading about El Shadday, God Almighty or in a literal translation God, The Mountain One. This week Ann Spangler gives us scripture to reflect on, ways to praise God, how to offer thanks, ideas to confess and different things to ask God. She talked about asking God to build up your confidence in that El Shadday will sustain & bless me, asking for an increase in MY trust for El Shadday, and asking El Shadday to become a blessing for others. During this week I remembered that the next time I'm tempted to doubt God's promises, he doesn't take the pain, confusion, struggle or difficulty out of it but El Shadday will bless me as long as I trust in him.
This past week I've been busy knitting a sweater for a friend's little granddaughter. The body and almost one sleeve is done.
Rick, my dear husband, left for Colorado Springs on Wednesday. He will be there until Sunday evening. He is actually there for a Medical School conference...I'm VERY bad with names right now SO I don't exactly know that.
"Z-Man" and I have had a blast with each other...on Wednesday (St. Patrick's Day) we had green eggs for dinner. Yesterday it was in the 60's so we went to the Zoo and met some friends there. TODAY it's 30 and snowing, so we stayed inside.Tomorrow we are suppose to have a friend come over and spend the night. So I was thinking about getting a Papa Murphy's Pizza, having a blast watching whatever movies us girls feel like we want to watch. She is even going to join us for church on Sunday.

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