Tuesday, June 8, 2010

SO Glad!!!

There are a couple things that that I am SO GLAD about...I'm just going to use this post to tell you some things that are going on...
#1 - I'm SO glad that I don't have to choose whether I'm having a boy or a girl. Because I can see the greatest addition with either adding a girl or a boy to the family. Adding a little boy because my current little "Z-Man" and him would be a little over 2 years apart and they could be best buds (they could also get into a lot of trouble together too!) Adding a little girl because then I would have 1 of each. Plus I think my husband would like a little princess. But I do know that I will love the precious one with all that I am...#2 - I'm SO glad about the transition the little "Z-Man" has done in sleeping in a big boy bed. Well he is doing a good job of sleeping in there at night...naps are a little on the "tougher" side...I think it's because it's light outside and he just wants to play.
#3 - I'm SO glad that we got a good report from the ultrasound yesterday. The baby is measuring fine, everything is looking good, the baby's heartbeat is wonderful to listen too, I have only gained 1 pound since the whole time, and "Z-Man" did SO well he actually slept the entire time!!!#4 - I'm SO glad that I have been able to feel the baby move inside of me, we have got a little mover in there (the baby was NON-STOP moving during the ultrasound too!) although I did find out that I have an anterior placenta...MEANING that it goes my skin, the placenta and then the baby. So it might be a lot further along before Rick is able the baby move (which is his favorite part)
#5 - I'm SO glad that I we have almost found a church to call home. We have it narrowed down between two. But I'm also so glad that I have a God that loves me and wants to show his love to me everyday!
#6 - I'm SO glad that I have a blog that I can put my feelings and what is going on in my life and that you actually read about it...


  1. I'm so excited for you and this new little one. Sometimes I wish we were still adding to our family instead of being "done" with that part. So exciting! And I'm jealous you've only gained 1 pound, good job! I've gained more than that lately and I'm not even pregnant :p Glad Z is doing well with the bigger bed. Naps are hard regardless.

    Talk to you later!

  2. How exciting to see pictures of your newest little baby! I remember thinking that the ultrasound pictures made it seem so much more real to me!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday :)

  3. Katrina - ok how amazing are those photos of your little miracle growing inside. Wow technology has come a long way since our children were born.

    Lilly has been knitting for about 2 yrs. She is AMAZING!!!! She is making another scarf as a gift.

    Love and blessings,

  4. Your list made me so glad too!
    That church shopping stuff isn't any fun. I'm so glad you've narrowed it down to two.


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