Monday, July 26, 2010

The 4th of July Rainbow...really late.

So I was looking through the past post and seeing what I needed to post. Today you might actually get more than 1 post. I really can't believe that...But right now "Z" is finishing eating his lunch, so he is not crawling all over me. :) I do love him but with me being pregnant he is figuring out that something is happening and wants to get as much cuddle time as he can. At least that is my theory.
So on the 4th of July, Grandpa & Grandma Rapp followed us home and we were planning on going to another Iowa Cubs game that night. However it really has rainy (it pretty much did that all day off and on)
We did dinner and we had "Z" pick a movie (Finding Nemo) is his favorite right now. A little bit later I looked out the window and it looked SO beautiful out there. The Sun was peaking through the clouds, the sky looked wonderful, and then you look in the other direction there was a Rainbow...not just little one but a full arch AND it was a double one too...
So here are some pictures (however it's kind of hard to take a picture of an illusion. ;)So instead of man-made fireworks we got God-Made art-work. Hope you have a BLESSED Monday!


  1. Nothing like a reminder from the Lord that He is taking care of us!! That is lovely and I'm sure that was even more amazing in person!

  2. I love rainbows. We've seen a few double ones lately and the second one was the reverse color order from the other. Do you know why that is? I clicked on your pic to see if your second one was reversed color order too...and it sorta looks like it is! Now I'm puzzled!


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