Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy July!

I am hoping that this blog finds you well. I think I need to go through a change in my blog...and not just a design but "The Randomness of the Crazyness in My Life" part...It's just TO long...
It still fits well because the stuff on here is Random and sometimes Crazy and it's all happening in my life...but I just need something a little bit more simple. I won't change my http name or the address just the name of my blog...
I'm going to be welcoming any ideas that you have. I will then slowly be changing my design, my header, the pictures and such like that to fit the new title...I would really like to get it designed by someone who does it professionally but money is tight do the fact that I do not have a job anymore.
I do have some delightful news though...
~My baby girl was up late last night and was showing me that she loved me. :)
~The boys (Rick & "Z") got hair cuts last me on the patio. More pics of the "baldies" to they really look like each other.
~It's July and that means it's 9 days (including today) for my birthday.
~LOT'S of family visits in the next couple weeks. 1st a trip to Omaha meeting the in-laws there...2nd they are coming back to Des Moines with us for a week-ish...lastly my parents/sister & friend is coming to visit for a couple days.
SO there will be lots of hit and miss on this blog...but there should be good pictures afterward. Or I might be very diligent about my blog seeing that it will be my "escape" from life outside of the family. ;)
So homework for you...Comment about a new name for this blog! THANKS so much!
Sorry no pics...maybe later today I will put some pics on.

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