Friday, July 2, 2010

What's with the Change...

So I wanted to let you know WHY I did a change for my blog. Why did I pick the name? What do I want to convey? Why do I see this as a better fit? and maybe some other things...
Why did I change my blog title? Even though my life was pretty Random & Crazy, I was thinking that I started this blog back in Dec of 2007. I just finished writing my 200th post (sorry no giveaways...maybe on another post I will do a giveaway) A lot of things have happened since than...3 job changes, 1 pregnancy gone all the way through with the outcome of a little boy, 1 pregnancy on the way, LOTS of moves (3), Lots of vacations, Lots of Crafts, a couple book reviews...etc. I just really felt that I needed to expand upon what was happening and perhaps give you more a focus (or myself) of what I want to use this blog.
Why did I pick the name? I have done some research about blog names and what people past name was SO long that I didn't think people actually remembered it. So I picked the name "Pics, Pages & Purls" because it seems to suit who I am and some people thought it was a cute idea. :)
What do I want to convey? Alright...I will go step by step on this...Pics - I will STILL put Pictures on this blog; family pics, nature pics, misc. pics, etc. Pages - I actually want to get better at this but talking about what I'm reading, whether it be the reviews that I do, or just a good read etc. Purls - If you don't know but purling is one of the things you can do while knitting. You knit and you purl, etc. So I want to share more of my knitting and other crafty things that I'm able to do.
I see "Pics, Pages & Purls" as a better fit for me and that I will be able to use this title for a while. I love all these 3 things and want to write that to you! So I hope that you understand. I hope you like the changes and I REALLY like comments it helps me become a better writer of what is going on and what I want to convey.
So here are some pics of the little "Z-Man" from Yesterday...I'm hoping to do a pic everyday in the month of July...hopefully I will get really good at doing it that I will be able to expound it to in August and so forth. THEN maybe in 2011 I can do a picture a day!"Z" fell asleep on my & on baby sister (she was kicking him) Watching I-Cubs Pregame warm-upWatching Jeff Samardzija warm-upRick & "Z""Z" relaxing on his Daddy
Like I said yesterday; today we head to Omaha for a quick trip to meet Grandpa & Grandma Rapp and then they will be traveling back to Des Moines with us. Then we have a days break then Gramps, Grammy, Aunt Becca & "Aunt" Katie will come for a couple days. We are so excited to see family and us not have to spend money on traveling! So that is why there is going to be LOTS of pics to come...again I'm not sure if I will be MIB (Missing in Blogging) or have the time to do it. I would really & truly like to come up with something to convey almost daily to write in here...but that might be a growing process.


  1. Katrina,
    I love your new header and title of your blog! It definitely suits you! Yay!

  2. Katrina,

    I love this!!! Sometimes change is just nice...Our seasons in weather change, our seasons in life change and so I think it can be only fitting that our seasons in blog land can change too!!

    Have a wonderful 4th of July!!

    Oh... and here is a proud tea moment. I've turned my parents on to iced green tea and they liked it! So I guess I can say I'm expanding my taste buds... slightly!!

    :O) Ashley DeLen

  3. I like the name change (and pic/design!) It's p-p-perfect!


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