Friday, July 9, 2010


Today is my birthday. I have came into a new decade. WOW!There are somethings out there that I would like my blog readers to understand about me.
-- I believe that doctors are good people and like them very much (seeing that my husband is studying to be one I think that is a good thing) however I truly don't "like" seeing them.
-- I believe that I have a high pain tolerance. So that is why I really don't see doctors very often.
-- I have had a not so delightful 2nd pregnancy (I hear that is pretty normal); meaning I got the whole morning sickness earlier and longer, I have had headaches off and on for the entire pregnancy however they have been getting worse, and I have had a loss of appetite through out this pregnancy.
-- I have a WONDERFUL little son ("Z") who when I haven't felt well he has let me "rest" while he plays and watches his favorite tv shows.
-- I have a Gentle and Wonderful husband who has been a great support to me through out everything.
So these headaches come from "tension" so the doctors say then they actually move around almost like they have my head in a vice. (Almost migraine like...but with no sensitive to light or I have had before) I have seen my OB about it but they sent me to my regular Family doc. So then I saw my Family doc; got blood work done (and it came back normal) so they scheduled a CT- Scan (which I actually had today...I know on my birthday! can you believe it!) So we are going to be in the waiting game to find out what happens next. I don't know whether to pray that they find something wrong or they find it to be normal???
When I get these headaches...I do NOT act like myself at all. I'm working on working it through with my counselor and doctors. HOPEFULLY we will be able to find some answers soon...I'll keep you updated I really just wanted the other blog Christians to lift me up in prayer about these headaches. As far as I know the Baby Girl is still moving and growing inside of me during all this. After all on Tuesday her heartbeat was in the 140s and sounded strong, sweet and perfect!
Well...there is more pics to come...From our Fourth of July Rainbow and from our field trip to the Field of Dreams movie site...So please stay tuned! Thanks for reading and have a GREAT weekend if I don't get back on blogland before that. Grandpa & Grandma are leaving tomorrow morning and then Gramps, Grammy, Aunt Becs & "Aunt" Katie come in on Monday...


  1. Happy are very blessed.

    Anxious to see your Field of Dreams pics. We just watched that movie with the kids this week. It's VERY very good. We'd forgotten how much we love it!

  2. Hi there! Thanks for the comment LUV :) Congrats on the second pregnancy...although I see it's not been super pleasant - blech! Hope you feel better soon!

    I too have an older boy and younger girl...and my hubby is a dentist so I GET YA on the many hours of studying and years of education that has to happen!

    Have a GREAT weekend!

  3. Katrina,

    I will be praying for you!! Hold tight!!

    Smiles from Kansas...


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