Saturday, July 10, 2010

10 on the 10th!

So I thought I would join up my friend Meredith at Life at 7000ft for her monthly 10 on the 10th. I thought I would kill 2 post with 1 blog...
So this would be my "FIELD of DREAMS" Movie Site post...with either a picture of our time there OR a clever tid-bit I learned from being there. :)
I hope you enjoy and PLEASE comment! I really do love comments!!!
1) Why did they choose this farm in Dyersville, Iowa? -- It met all Hollywood's criteria and typified the traditional all-American farm. This farm looked like the one-man operation and had rolling hills for easier lighting while shooting. The sunset direction was also a factor among other things.

2) Picture of house and farm beyond the field (it's the view that the ball players would of had)3) How did they get all the cars to drive in for the last scene? -- The film's publicist ran an advertisement with an entry form in the local newspaper. Anyone interested in participating in the final scene could send in the form. The first 1,500 entries were sent a pass, enabling them and a passenger to ride in their vehicle. There were three takes-the third one was used in the movie, with the drivers rapidly changing their lights from bright to dim, to give the twinkling effect. This scene was shot from a helicopter. Also Don Lansing (the majority of the owner of the Field of Dreams Movie Site) drove the first car in line to the Field of Dreams.4) Who carved the "Ray Loves Annie" in a heart on the top row of the Field's bleachers? -- Keven Costner himself, while bored between movie takes at the Field of Dreams. (Picture above)

5) Picture of Rick and "Z" walking out towards left field. 6) The "Field of Dreams" was actually based on a book by WP Kinsella called "Shoeless Joe". (which is going to be one of the next books I read as soon as I can find it!)

7) Picture of my family coming out of the corn field. 8) Did you know that A.W. "Moonlight" Graham is NOT a fictional character?!?!? Graham is actually from Chisholm, Minnesota. If you go there you will actually find that he even better then what the movie portrayed. Graham did leave baseball to pursue his dream to be a doctor. There are actual stories of children rubbing their eyes with onion in order to be sent to "Doc" with a diagnosis of pink eye and orders to go home, the children would head off to play ball. When "Doc" later discovered them at the ballpark, he merely joined the game and straightened out their improvised game of hooky.

9) Picture of Rick hitting it into the cornfield! 10) Some of the phrases that I have grown to love by the "Field of Dreams"
"Is this Heaven? No It's Iowa"
"If You Build It"
"Go the Distance"
"Ease His Pain"
"I'm Melting"
"Step Aside You Nazi Cow"
"Why don't I get to go? You're not invited"
"When did these baseball players get here?"
"People Will Come"
"Don't Wink Kid"

Well there is a lot of other good quotes as well...some of them are a little on the long side so I won't "bore" you with them. We are SO glad that we made this field trip to see the Field. Maybe before we leave Iowa we will go again so Rick and "Z" can have a real catch.
Thanks for reading and I hope that you have a GREAT rest of your weekend!
Here are some MORE pics...because I couldn't just choose to have 10 pics & tid-bits.Father & Son playing catchGeneration of Rapp Men..."Z" has got a pretty good wind-up and throw with his LEFT hand. you can have a good rest of your weekend!!!


  1. Awesome!!!!!!!! I loved the trivia. And all those quotes are fresh in my mind since we just watched the movie.

    Seriously, this is soooooooo cool!

    Thanks for sharing, Katrina.

  2. Visiting from Meredith. Field of Dreams is one of my favorite movies. I didn't realize they kept the field open. So cool!!

  3. Stopping by from Mer's. We live in Iowa, too, and stopped at the site a few years ago. Nice to "meet: you!


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