Thursday, July 15, 2010

Splishin' & Splashin'

So on Monday afternoon Gramps, Grammy, Aunt Becca & 'Aunt' Katey came to visit. It was a short visit but it was full of fun! After I dropped of Rick at school, "Z" and I went to visit the family and give them a day NOT in the car (that was Tuesday). We ended up playing in the pool for a while. It was fun! I have some pictures of "Z" and Gramps playing catch in the pool. After we played in the pool, we ate lunch and then Rick gave Becca & Katey a tour of the Simulation lab. (we all really went on the tour though) Then instead of heading back to our house right away we decided to walk around the mall and just "window" shop. We headed back to the house, popped in a movie (we lounged for a while, I think myself and maybe a couple of other people might have taken a nap) We got Pizza and watched the All-Star Game. On Wednesday, they had to leave and head up to Wisconsin. So they took their time leaving the hotel and came over for a little bit and I got some last minute pictures. (Grammy & "Z" having a chat, "Z" showing his baseball to Grammy, a sort of smile with Grammy, Gramps resorted to tickeling to get laughter...for 2 pictures, "Z" giving 'Aunt' Katey a kiss on the cheek.)
I was sad to see them go but it was good to have them here (at least for the little bit.)

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  1. The Husband-o-Katrina7/15/2010 11:45 PM

    It was fun to have both of our families come through Iowa the last few weeks. I wish the visits could have been longer but such is life. I sure do love both of my families!


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