Tuesday, August 10, 2010

10 on the 10th...

So today is the 10th of August if you haven't noticed...or yesterday was the 1oth (if you are reading this on the 11th!)
You can always check out Mer's Blog for what Mer had to write as well as what other people linked up saying.
My list was going to be 10 projects I had to get done ASAP! However that is just a reminder of the things that I need to get done instead of me being "lazy" so I'm not going to blog about the projects that need to get done...
So I'm going to Blog about 10 Random Things...
1) This pregnancy is so different than my first pregnancy!!! I blame it on me being pregnant with a little girl this time (too much estrogen!) -- in case you wanted to know why it's so different for me it's because the added headaches, I'm EXTRA warm, and EVERY time I get up I have to pee!!!
2) Tax-Free weekend or day is the BEST time to add to a growing little boy's wardrobe! As well as if you get a Kohl's 15% off card...it's just a double bonus!!! (Also it's a nice way to add to your Husband's shoes and pants wardrobe.) We went to a consignment shop and Kohl's and in between 4 of us (I couldn't help but pick up some outfits for the Baby Girl and I needed some shirts for the every expanding belly) We saved around $175!!!
3) Today we went to our LAST Iowa Cubs game...so sad about the end of summer and the end of baseball season. Seeing that my Cubbies aren't doing very well :(
4) We had a wonderful 4 year Anniversary Celebration!
5) LOT'S more birthday's and anniversary to celebrate coming up this month...in 10 days my little "Z-Man" will be 2!!!
6) I wish I wouldn't have so many knitting projects going...but I think I'm having a little ADHD going on right now.
7) As I type this blog...Baby Girl is moving and grooving inside of me and THAT is the greatest feeling in the world for me!!!
8) I have SO much stuff that need to get started and finished OR just finished by Friday August 27th (because we will be heading to COLORADO on that day!)
9) I'm simply SO happy about our new church!!! I love meeting new people EVERY week...and when I get back from CO I get to start greeting people!
10) I'm sorry that I have been lacking in the pictures lately in my blog...I feel that is a fault of mine. But I'm going to pull the pregnancy card and say "but I really don't 'feel' like it..." BUT I do promise to do better!!! Maybe later this week you will see some more pics on here. :)


  1. Glad you linked up!

    You know, all of my pregnancies were different except for the fact that I was SUPER SICK with all of them. Enjoy it! And enjoy your trip to CO.

    I went to Kohl's today. To buy bras for my 12-year-old. WOW. My 15% off coupon isn't good until tomorrow, but I got some Kohl's cash so I'll just have to go back. Ha.

  2. I can't wait for the weather to turn a little cooler so I feel like knitting again. I'm just not feeling the love when it's 104.


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