Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

Hello readers...I'm sure I could come up with a better blog title...however this is just easy.
First off -- I'm Thankful (I'll explain more about that later)
Secondly -- It's Thursday!

Reasons I am THANKFUL! (these are in NO particular order)
~ Today I'm celebrating a special day with my husband! 4 years ago today we stood in tree groove in the Rocky Mountain National Park and said our vows to love and cherish each other for ever. We only had 7 people there total; Rick's parents (Tom & Jean), My parents (Keith & Susie) and Matt (the photographer). One of my dreams growing up was to have my father not only give me away but marry me. Which that happened...I was so thrilled!On our Wedding Day!!!
~ Another person in my life that I'm thankful for is my son! He will be 2 years old in 15 days! He's no longer my baby! He's learning new words everyday. He's sleeping in a big boy bed and goes there with ease for his naps and for bedtime. He LOVES cars, trucks, planes, trains & balls!"Z" Playing with an airplane on daddy's legs.
~ I'm also Thankful for the Baby Girl that is growing inside of me (I know not every woman has the ability to do I count it as a blessing!) I'm thankful for a the ability to get a go ahead on going to Colorado in less than 4 weeks FOR 4 weeks. I have passed the glucose test...YEAH! Right now I'm 28 weeks...The little girl has been moving and grooving inside of me (which is by far my favorite!) and she had a strong heart beat in the 150s yesterday at the doctors office. According to the baby center website...she weighs 2 and quarter pounds and measuring around 14.8 inches, her eyesight is developing as well as developing billions of neurons in her brain, and she is packing on the fat to help her for life on the outside world.A Chinese Cabbage (about the size of the Baby Girl)
~ I'm thankful for my family...parents, in-laws, sisters, brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins...I'm thankful for all the love, prayers and support that you have given to me and my family!
~ I'm also thankful for my blogland friends...friends that I don't think I'll ever meet in real life...but I'm so glad I have you in my life. To read your blogs with your insight or to have you leave comments on my blogs it really is a blessing in my life!
~ I'm also SO thankful for my God who sent his Son, Jesus down to die for my sins; and he STILL loves me through my past mistakes, my present struggles and my future trials that I know I will go through.

Headache update: I thought I would do an update on my health...I have been still having headaches but they have gone done quite a lot during the week. Instead of me suffering like 5 days a week...I'm suffering like 3 days of the week, and now with the proper medicine I can get it before it gets horrible. I'm so thankful. I have been able to make sure I get plenty of sleep and plenty of water during the day...and that seems to help along with the ability of finding my "triggers" And I also found out that heat helps take the pain down.

So thanks for reading...I hope that you have a great Thursday...if you have time could you please at least list something that you are Thankful for this Thursday!


  1. Happy Anniversary! I hope you have many many more blessed years together!

  2. Happy Anniversary! And Hurrah about the headaches getting better :O)

  3. Ditto on what the other two said! :-) I pray for God's continued blessings for you and Rick and your growing family. I'm so glad your headaches are diminishing and hopefully will go away completely very soon.


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