Friday, August 27, 2010

Colorado or BUST!

So today is the day we are heading to Colorado for Rick's rotation in Lake City. I'm so excited that we will be able to be there AS a family for 4 weeks! So the bags are all packed...they are waiting for Rick to get home (any minute now) and hit the road. "Z" is still awake SO the ideal way to travel is for him to fall asleep in the first stretch. Get out for dinner play a little, get back in the car watch a movie, get out one more time for a stretch and then hopefully Z will go down for night-night in the car before we get there.
Yesterday at the Doctor's appointment (for me and the baby girl)...I'm currently three-fourths of the way there. Which means only one-fourth left to go. (That puts me over 30 weeks) Baby girl's heartbeat is in the 150s, strong and happy and I'm measuring actually 32 weeks-ish along. I know that the more kids you have the bigger you end up getting but feels like baby girl doesn't even have enough room to move (she's always pushing up against me and everything!) Here is a picture of me and the baby girl. I have other pics of "Z" and the roses but I haven't downloaded them and such!Well Rick is NOW home and the stuff is loaded up SO I better get this posted and off to CO we go!!! I'm hoping to keep up at least on "weekly" maybe more post while we are in Colorado.

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  1. Katrina,

    I'm catching up on blogging... Ahhhhhh... You've been a busy momma and now your off to Colorado. I pray that you and your family have a safe and fun trip there. What perfect timing for some wonderful weather!!! And you are looking just beautiful! I do so love your short hair. I had my hair cut to just below my chin and last night I decided I am going to go shorter.

    Anywho!! Have a wonderful trip and happy birthday to "Z"....



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