Monday, August 30, 2010

Our weekend of travels...

So it's Monday! And we made it to our final destination of Lake City, Colorado on Saturday evening. Here is our travel log...(we have this friend that has told us when traveling with children under 7 or 8 for every 5 hours of travel you should add 1 hour of extra time...which I will try to explain a bit further a little later)

On Friday, Rick had to finish up with his OMM Fellowship Block so we didn't get on the road until 2pm (Central Time) Luckily "Z" ended up falling asleep right when we got in the car and slept for his normal 3-4 hours of napping. However due to a pregnant wife, we did have to stop for a potty break. When "Z" was awake we were in the perfect place to have dinner and have him stretch his legs. We got back in the car and "Z" enjoyed new toys (that we got him for his birthday but he never saw them before) and books. He also wanted to know any letters on the passing trucks. Then he got mad and we needed to have him stretch his legs and run around. (So there is some added time for travel) We got back in the car and he was happy. Then it was time to stop, get gas, empty bladders, get drinks, etc. Then got back into the car and I was going to sit back with "Z" and have him watch a movie on my lap top...Finding Nemo...a little further down the road when the Chocolate Milk he just chugged got churned with the oranges that his dad gave him for a snack while I was driving..."Z" threw we had to pull over and get him cleaned and in new clothes (more added time). We then kept driving..."Z" was feeling better and we decided to forgo the movie and just hope that he would have fun as we sang songs and such. He then was acting tired so I told him he could go to bed...however he decided that he needed to have "routine" of singing and prayers before he could go to bed. A little while later Rick pulled off for a little cat nap and decided to call his parents (we were 45 min away from their house) but we all agreed that it would be better for us just to stop at a hotel and try to get a good night sleep (it was 12:30ish when we decided to do that) "Z" just fell back asleep in his "own" bed. Rick and I got settled and went to bed too.

Saturday -- we then got up in enough time to get to Rick's parents house and have a little time where "Z" could open up presents from his birthday. Then get over to Rick's grandma's to do breakfast (now "Z" has been up for a while and he was hungry and until the food came he was NOT happy) After breakfast then we went to Costco to get some food and such...then we were on the road by noon to head to Lake City. We actually did pretty good traveling time that way. We got out one extra time for stretching of legs and enjoying the view. We had dinner in Gunnison (which is the nearest big town from Lake City and is an hour away! It also has the closest hospital...) We made it to Lake City at 7:00 pm got the key to the apartment above the clinic (which has all the ability for me to get oxygen, extra fluids, etc...if I need them) We then made the apartment (which was really made for 1 person to stay in) into a "home" for our family of 3 for the next 4 weeks. I did have pictures of the apartment...but I think I'll do that on another post. :) But I will share with you our view!
Sunday -- we went to church, enjoyed some BBQ for lunch, "Z" fell asleep after lunch and was napping and we just kept everything quiet around the house...which is nice.

Today -- Rick started his rotation although he hasn't quite adjusted to the altitude so he came home early (both him and "Z" are napping right now) I ended up walking with "Z" up to the store and bakery, ate some lunch and get "Z" down for a nap. Like I said before he is big on his routine...and this is just different for him. He's used to getting lunch, a little more play time, a new diaper, and then go to his room and on his bed for nap time...We only have a "studio" apartment I don't have the ability to close him in a room and have him go to sleep. :) So that took 1 hour to get him to sleep (he did pretty well by only getting out of his bed once and they are having construction around the clinic so at times it can get loud.)

Well...that is about it for now. I'll give you a "tour" of our home for the next 4 weeks in a later post.

If you would like to pray for us here are some request:
-That we will adjust to altitude soon.
-That we will grow closer to God during this time as well as grow closer as a family.
-That if baby girl comes early that her body will be ready to live without extra time in the hospital (we did bring stuff for her, car seat, some clothes, blankets if she came early)
-That Rick will enjoy this rotation and grow as this is what he wants to be a small town family doctor.
We do have a praise too...that we made it to Colorado with little excitement!

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  1. Awesome pictures. Colorado is so beautiful. Glad you guys made it there safely.


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