Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Tour...

So here is the tour I promised a couple days ago. :)

The view you get as you turn left into the apartment.

The desk and table area (we don't usually use the desk) but we use the table for games and meals.

The kitchen.

The view back to the door and the bed.

"Z's" little area (his mattress & toys).

The "normal" size door is the bathroom and the other door is the storage closet.

The entrance to the apartment. (please pray for me as a pregnant woman and my 2 year old son...I really do not want anyone falling down these stairs)

A Sunset picture of our view...

Well I hope that you have a wonderful Wednesday! The First of September too! Another post to follow! :)

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  1. Hey Katrina!

    What rotation is Rick doing out there? It is cool that you get to be in CO! Are you close to his family at all?


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