Tuesday, October 19, 2010

hmmm...so what am I feeling?

Feeling??? What I'm I feeling?
I honestly DON'T have just one feeling going on or even just a handful. I think almost EVERY feeling is going on in my mind or has in the last little bit...or will in the near future.So there are 60 feelings/emotions on this...I just went through the list and I have been 25 of these feelings very recently. Here are the usual feelings for a pregnant women about to have a Baby Girl within the matter of 1 week...
~Anxious -- Doesn't most pregnant women go through this?
~Nervous -- I'm having a Baby Girl...after having a little boy (more nervous about the way our culture is changing and having a girl...need I say more)
~Impatient -- Even though I have a countdown...5 days until Mom & Sister come, 6 days until I see Baby Girl
~Miserable -- See Below picture...it feels like hasn't "dropped" into the pelvic cavity but moved out from my body.Picture taken today...after mom told me to send her a pic of my belly.
~Excited -- Hmmm...5 days until Mom & Sister come, 6 days until I see Baby Girl
~Loved -- Even though my hubby has been in Mt. Ayr during the week...I still feel loved and very blessed to be his wife. Also "Z" either knows that something is about to change and he is trying to get all the "cuddle time" that he can...today while getting my OMM treatment (to help my back) he climbed up on the table and started driving his car on me as well as just nuzzling his head against my arm. I know that he won't remember how cute he was...but I'm hoping that he is still cuddly after his baby sister is born.
~Fortunate -- 2 days until my husband is back in Des Moines to stay for a while! 5 days until Mom & Sister come. I have a great church family! I have lots of support with the signifcant others group at DMU. I have a God who loves me and provides ALL of my needs as well as my family!

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