Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I say WOW! It has been crazy lately. Crazy good lately and I am BLESSED!
~Rick has been down in Mt. Ayr (which is just under 2 hours away) for his surgery rotation. It's a small town and the surgeon works in 3 different hospitals working on different day. He is learning a lot and having fun except for the part that he is not home with us during the evenings and nights. He is actually celebrating his birthday tomorrow!!!
~"Z" has been growing and we are working on his letters and numbers and such. :) We have some wipe off books and he LOVES them. I say they are the perfect tool for a little boy who doesn't have all the attention for one thing. He actually says "one" we are counting and he knows what the letter 'a' and 'b' looks like. He does so well getting into his bed and he loves when we read him books, when we sing to him (he requests "take me out to the ball game" and "alphabet song" -he calls the song "B") One of the cutest things is after we pray and we say "amen" he goes "daddy" I know that it doesn't sound anything like each other. BUT I love the fact that he holds hands when we pray and how somehow he understands that we talk to our "daddy" at least our Abba Father. He is a blessing and a challenge but I know that God handpicked him for me.
~Baby Girl will be coming to join us in 3 weeks (from today) due to the previous C-Section I had the option of trying for a VBAC (or vaginal birth after cesarean) or scheduling another C-section. I truly went back in forth in my mind the pros and cons to having one or the other. Part of my choosing to do it this route was easy for scheduling after all I have family that want to be here...I know that is not all the way it should go and it's not I didn't want to try for a regular birth and me still end up doing the same thing again (I am pretty sure that it would seriously mess with womanly psychy.) I am so excited that she is coming...her newborn, 0-3 and 3 month clothes are out and ready to go for her arrival. Between the gifts that we have been blessed with, the gender neutral clothes we had when we had "Z", and the DEALS I found in second hand...she is going to be one cutely dressed girl. :) Baby Girl right now has 4 names...at least 4 different ideas for first names. :) Rick and I have made up our mind on waiting until we actually see her. She will have 2 middle names due to the fact that we have honoring that we would like to do. BUT you will have to wait until after Baby Girl comes into the world and finally have a chance to blog about her. Luckily if things get really boring at the hospital there is Wi-Fi there that I can use!
I'm pretty lucky with my family...that is another reason I say WOW! I'm hoping that you have a blessed day, evening, or night! Sorry there are no pictures...I do have a couple posts in mind (one about this weekend...we did the Farm Crawl and had a blast) I know this sounds weird but pray for our camera it has a mind of it's own and soemtimes doesn't want to work...we just don't have the money to get a new one.


  1. It is never silly to pray that our items on this earth don't wear out!! My car has prayer needs :O) I soooo understand!!!

    I know you have to be getting so excited about a little girl coming into your lives!! It is going to be so much fun for you all!!!

    I will be praying for your camera! Have a wonderful day... I need to get dressed and go to work. I keep tellinge myself to do it. And now I have to. boo hoo!! ;O)

  2. That's exciting that your baby girl is almost here! I've loved dressing a boy....but it is SUPER fun to dress a little girl. :)

  3. Hey there- Just found your blog! I'm always excited to follow another wife of a med student :0)


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