Thursday, October 7, 2010


So I really wanted to do this last year (but Rick was doing his 1st away rotation). So when I saw that they were going to do it again this year...I sent it off to Rick and said I would LOVE to go to THIS! So we looked ahead and tried to figure out what farms we actually wanted to go to...there were 7 farms included in this one "crawl" the nice thing is that it's all FREE admission. There were different odds and ends you could buy at the farms.
We went to 4 of the 7 farms. And here are the Pictures from the different farms. :)
These below were all taken at Dan-D FarmPierce's Pumpkin Patch
(he was giving the workers back the pumpkins...)
At Blue Gate FarmAt the Schneider OrchardWe certainly had fun! Maybe next year we will hit up more farms!

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  1. I wish we would have done that! I never seem to know about them until after they have happened.


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