Monday, October 11, 2010

10 on the 11th...because I can. :)

So my dear blog friend Meredith at Life at 7000ft did another 10 on the 10th. She did a wish list...
For me I didn't know what I was going to talk about...all I know is that it had to be somewhat special because of it being 10-10-10. Even though I'm a day late it's still pretty special.
So I'm going to do 10 reasons why I'm glad it's October...
1) Today, Monday the 11th, I am 2 weeks away from being a mommy to a little baby girl. On the 25th, I will be going into the hospital 8am (central time) for C-Section (or what I have been calling C-Day)
2) October is another crazy birthday month...My mother-in-laws birthday was on the 1st, Rick (my husband) birthday was on the 5th (of course he was in Mount Ayr so we haven't celebrated his birthday 2 year in a row), my sister (Becca's) birthday is on the 20th, my sister-in-law's (Jen) birthday is on the 24th, and my father-in-law's birthday is on the 29th.
3) For me, I really enjoy that October is like a full amount of Fall is in the air. It's still nice for weather, the colors are AMAZING, the sound of crunchy leaves start laying on the ground.4) I really like cooking with Pumpkin...and pumpkins are out either fresh or via the can.
5) In less than 2 weeks my mother and my sister (Caroline) will be here to celebrate the birth of Baby Girl as well as help with "Z" while we are in the hospital.
6) I really like carving pumpkins...I like fresh done pumpkin seeds. :)7) I love the weather (I know I already mentioned that before) however it's so much easier for me to wear my jeans, t-shirt, grab a hoodie and where my chacos (until my toes get too cold) and sit outside or go to the park. But it's SO much easier to knit when I'm not sweating. :)
8) My 2 year old little boy "Z" will become a BIG BROTHER...he has been so cuddly I'm hoping that he doesn't change too much when Baby Sister comes. Randomly he will come up and give me hugs, kisses and snuggles. I'm treasuring those moments. :) 9) I love what this time of the year represents with the changing of seasons and I know that I'm changing too. I love the holidays that will start approaching with Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's just a season of change, colors, crispness, coolness, and so many other "c" names for me.
10) So October, is becoming more and more one of my favortie months of the year...


  1. "C-day", I love it!

    Share a pumpkin recipe you like, if you can. I bought 2 cans at the store today for some reason but I'm not sure what, lol ;)

  2. What wonderful things to be thankful for!!! I love the picture of your sweet little "Z" snoozing!! Pumpkins and fall are everywhere. It makes me so happy!!

    PS nutmeg....I forget about that spice way too often!! I love love love garlic too!!!

  3. How cool that you'll have a baby to make October even more wonderful for the years to come!


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