Monday, November 1, 2010

One Week Ago...

I entered into the hospital at 8:05 am (I was suppose to be there at 8am...but the traffic made us a little slow) When I was there I ended up getting my blood taken, starting my IV, getting my bracelets on, etc. While I was there waiting I was actually knitting! Such a different way to bring a baby into the world than how "Z" was brought into the world. Met with my Doctor and the Anesthesiologist. Saw "Z", my mom and my sister for a little bit. I walked into the OR room a little after 10:00am, got my pain/numbing medicine, got my all the rest of the wires and tubings put into my body or around my body, the doc came in at one point and made sure that the room and myself was set up the way she likes it, more prepping happened, the doc came in all gowned made the incision to test if I couldn't feel it...I passed and didn't feel it and RICK came in. 14 minutes after 10:00am...we welcomed our Baby Girl into the world.
Aspen Keita Susanne Rapp came in weighing at 7 pounds and 5 ounces and being at a length of 19 inches.(the first time I got to hold her! I was in the recovery room)(Introducing Z to his baby sister, Aspen.)
Now I'm sure I have some readers that are looking at the name going...hmmm...what kind of name is Aspen? and why 2 middle names?
So this is my story and I'm sticking to it! Aspen wasn't even a name that we considered before we went to Colorado. Then I was driving around looking at all the beautiful Aspen trees and how each of them have a mind of their own when they are going to change colors. I just thought it they were wonderful! So I went to Rick that evening and said how about Aspen as a name, we did some name research and realized that it really just means "quaking tree" but then we went a little bit deeper into our research and looked at what the Celtic have a different, more powerful meaning it means "purity, awareness, focus" I really like the name, and both Rick and I decided that if she came early than her name would be Aspen (meaning if she was born while we were in Colorado) After we got back from Colorado we had a couple of other names that ended up falling out of the ranking, we had it narrowed down to 2 different names when we went into the hospital a week ago. We decided that we needed to look at our little girl to name her. When I first saw her I knew she was different than anyother baby that was born that day and she needed a unique Rick and I both came up with the same result of naming her Aspen. We ended up giving her 2 middle names because Z has 2 middle names and we both couldn't just choose 1 name for her middle name. We did Keita because I was in Mali, West Africa for 6 weeks and Keita was my adopted Malian Last it has a really cool meaning of "Joyful." Another spin on Keita is if you take the A off and replace that with an H, then you have Keith and that is my dad's name...but not the reason why we chose the name. We did Susanne because my mothers name is Susan and we wanted to "honor" my side of the family plus it means "Lily" and our little Aspen is beautiful just like a Lily is.
(So here is another pic of our Aspen Keita Susanne)
We were able to leave a day early (Wednesday) from the hospital and she was weighing at 6lbs 11 oz, we had her first doctors appointment on Friday and she was already up 2 YEAH her body is working well and we are "adjusting" to a family of four as well as we can be expected.
Please continue to pray for - healing for my body - time well spent as husband and wife - time well spent with both kids for both me and Rick - Rick has his 2nd step of his Boards that he is taking on November 29th (please pray for well "prep" or study time and a good results from the exam
Well...I hope to continue blogging regularly but I might be MIB (Missing In Blogging) for a while or I might be sparatic...please continue to read or check back in.
OH and the results from my poll is a Facebook friend was 1 oz away from getting it right on!


  1. Oh my goodness. First of all I love the name Aspen. What a lovely name!! And secondly she is BEAUTIFUL!!! Oh praise the Lord God Almighty for babies :O) And for answered prayers!!!!

  2. What a beautiful story for a beautiful baby girl! You guys are great parents; Aspen is blessed already :)

  3. Awwwww... She beautiful. Perfect! Congratulations. :)

  4. Oh my! I didn't realize you had had the baby! Congratulations! And I love that name... so pretty.


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