Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend...

So...It's been a while since I have been blogging. I have been reading blogs. There is just little time during the day or night to write a blog. I'm SO behind on putting up pictures and even putting up posts! Such as I have 2 book reviews to post. UGH!
Z giving Aspen a kiss (Aspen is sporting the ruffle hat I knitted along with her blanket)Rick and his "mini-me" So cute!
Well this past week I have been very thankful for answered prayers! We are going down to Florida and during that time my brother-in-law (David) will be coming home from his tour from Iraq. For a while they were pushing back his date...but we got news before Thanksgiving Day and we will be able to see each other. Aspen pictured below in her Military hair bow that I won. I LOVE winning FREE stuff, either by facebook or other blogs!I'm excited for him to meet Aspen and get to play with "Z-Man" So that is answered prayer #1. The other one is all the family time we are getting in. Rick started his 4 week vacation on Monday (almost a week ago) of course he has been studying for his Second Step of his Medical Boards...which his test is tomorrow (or today if you are reading this on Monday) PLEASE take a moment and say a prayer for him. He was very nervous when he went to bed. Little Snuggle Bug (Aspen) and I are having our first slumber party in the living room. :)
We had an awesome Thanksgiving Day...we dressed up and went to Des Moines University (DMU) and they had a dinner for us students and their families who didn't travel back home or want to make a dinner. We have done this for the past couple years and we really like it. It's FREE food with no cooking or clean up! (Rick didn't study at all for his exam...LOVELY!) Above Aspen & Z sleeping during Thanksgiving meal. I made a "collage" of words of what I'm Thankful for this year. Here they are!
-God -Rick (pictured above my Love and me!) -Z (Pictured below in his spiffy outfit.)-Aspen (pictured below) -Parents -Brothers & Sisters -In-laws -God's Word -Military Men, Women & their Families -Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts & Cousins -The Gateway Church community -Friends -DMU -Food, Clothes & Shelter -Good Health -Photography -Music -Knitting -Sports -The United States of America -Travel -Answered Prayers -A Future -Naps -Blogging & Blog Friends -Facebook -Camping -Crafting -Education -Nature
We didn't venture out for Black Friday shopping...or what I've heard it called "Things Give Me Day" We enjoyed our little family (Rick did study for his exam some) We watched football games and we even watched of the greatest Christmas movies ever!
Today I finally got up the Christmas tree...sorry no pictures yet. I hope to get the rest of the Christmas decor up tomorrow.
Aspen on Thanksgiving Day -- 2 months OLD!Family Photo (taken by Rick) It's hard to get all 4 of us in the frame and looking at the camera!
Me and my Smiley boy (Z) and Snuggle bug (Aspen) -- I LOVE THEM!

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  1. Hi Katrina! In case you don't see it...I just put a comment on your birth announcement post. I feel like I'm so behind in my blog reading. It's true, a new baby takes up SO much time. But I'm loving it as I'm sure you are as well. What a little darling you have! And Z looks like such a big boy now... so cute! :)


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