Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Part 1!

I know so I'm so late in writing this. SORRY!!! So on Thursday December 2nd through Thursday December 9th, my family of 4 went down to Florida. Also LOTS of pictures!!!
There was a lot of first on this trip...the 1st time Z got his own seat (we took his car seat onto the airplane and it was nice because he was "contained the entire trip"...the 1st airplane ride for little Aspen (she was wrapped up in the Moby wrap and she nursed well and slept the rest of the way)...the 1st time flying in the front of the airplane (which went rather well)When we were down in Florida... grandparents were finishing up their trip. So they got to meet little Aspen as well as see the growing Z-Man. Below is a generation picture minus Z (he was mad about the timing of everything) little Aspen got her ears pierced...she did great! and her ears are taking being pierced very nicely.
...we traveled up to Georgia and got to welcome home David back from Iraq. Let me tell you it was really and truly AMAZING! We spent the next day with David & Caroline in to see the base and do some shopping! Lots of fun with family! We even went through "The Journey" an outdoor story of Jesus Christ birth at David & Caroline's church. Now for pics...Z with Grammy & Gramps waiting for 'The Journey' to beginNow Z sitting with Uncle Dav-Dav along with Aunt Line and Aunt BecsWith the Animals in Bethlehem.
...we went to the Sanford Zoo (Z and I have gone to this zoo about 3 other times, but it was Rick and Aspen's first time) it was a little on the chilly side but there was no snow and no winter coats needed. :) Now for pics......we went to Tampa/St. Pete's area to see if we liked the area for Rick to consider going to Residency there. Let's just say that the trip back from there to my parents house was LONG and FOREVER!!! And we will always be able to tease Rick about it. ;) But he did take my mom and me to a yarn/knit that was a bonus. Now for pics......we did have a couple days that we sort of just relaxed. We had the chance to help my parents decorate for Christmas. Z actually went with my parents to help pick a tree...they said he was pretty excited about all the trees and such. (we just have a little artificial one) Z was even able to play on my old rocking horse (technically it's mine...but we haven't been able to bring it home with us...)Aspen is smiling and so beautiful in the car waiting for Grammy to eat lunch at Moe'sZ petting Maggie...usually Maggie is hiding under a table or bed when Z is running around.Aspen sleeping on GrampsAspen sleeping on Daddy

We had a WONDERFUL time! I want to thank my parents or Grammy & Gramps for hosting us and paying for us to come down and all the cool stuff we got to do. As well as David & Caroline for allowing us to come into your home and be SO proud of both of you guys and the sacrifice you have made for us!

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  1. What a wonderful and busy season in your life. Aspen looks so cute with the earings in her ears! What a doll! Happy New Year!!


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