Saturday, January 1, 2011


here's to a new year!
in this coming year I'm not making "empty" resolutions. but I will try to do my best on some things...
here's my list
- to find my "word" which will happen today. I have a list of words but waiting for the word to tug at my heart. which I will blog more about that when that word comes about to me. you can check more about that HERE!
- to of course be healthy & have my body be a temple of the Holy Spirit.
- to blog more often about Pics, Pages & Purls.
- to open up an etsy will hear more about that when it opens
- to enjoy my family time more
- to turn off the tv more, read more books, play more games, etc.

so I will be back on here more today. to write about our Christmas in Colorado. to review a book I read a while ago. to write about my word for 2011.

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  1. Well.... If we did live closer it would sure be a lot of fun!!! The Pirate Queen was a good read. Ever time my little girl put a movie in I picked up the book and read. It was refreshing to get so much reading done! I usually have to wait for the weekend and then just power read.

    Hope all is well for you and not too cold up there. My parents were up in Iowa the middle of the week and they said it was very very cold!


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