Thursday, December 16, 2010

My dear blogger friends...

Recently (actually today) I have put a Chip-In button to my right side bar. I know that it is Christmas season and you are busy either making or buying your gifts and don't have it in your budget for another to give another dime!
Joseph (the little boy from Nigeria, west Africa) and the parents Jonny & Kayla are here in Des Moines, Iowa. They actually go to The Gateway Church (where I go with my little family of four.) Instead of me taking their words and putting it on my post...I'm just going to give you links to look at if you want more information.
All I do know is that they are doing the work of the Lord for providing a home to little Joseph.
Here are the links...
Jonny & Kayla's adoption link -- JourneytoJoseph
Kayla's blog -- Look here!
Jonny's blog -- Check it out here!
So please give a blessing and a prayer to this "growing" family. If you have any questions about this you can easily give me a comment and a way to get back to you (perferably by e-mail) or you can e-mail me. I will be GLAD to get back to you as Jonny & Kayla walk along this adoption process. So feel free to check back in.

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