Friday, January 14, 2011

New Yummy Goodness!

So first I made my own Veggie Broth. I found this last year...and I made it but this time we actually just got back from Costco so I had a bulk of carrots, celery, mushrooms & onions. So I was able to wash & chunk up the veggies, throw some water on them, and some other spices (garlic, oregano, salt, pepper, parsley, and whatever I feel like I should at the time.) Right here is the link I used to get it going. I did it in my crock pot and biggest pot for a double amount of veggie broth.
Now I'm sure you want to know what I used this for...well I used it in 2 different meals.
I got a pork tenderloin at Costco too, meaning I got 2 of them! So I put the tenderloin in the crock pot and put the broth all around it so it basically cooked in the broth and then a little bit before I ended up taking out the tenderloin and tossed the broth put the tenderloin back in the crock pot (and either simmered it on low or on warm) and put BBQ sauce on it. 1 time I just did that and the second time I added some small slivers of onions & peppers in with it...and I served it to the family! My husband gave it 2 thumbs up!!! He even talked to some of the docs that he works with so that tells me that he really enjoyed it.
The other meal I made it the broth with is a French Onion Soup...totally vegetarian friendly! Because I don't have the correct bowls (ones that are flame resistant) so it's not truely French Onion Soup. It's mainly the broth with the onions. So you cook the onions on low in oil for a little bit so that the onions are "limp" and then you add the broth and other seasonings (salt, pepper, garlic to taste) and bring to a boil. Then we just mainly added our cheese before we served...and we added whatever cheese we wanted that we had in the house. So basically that was it. I actually added little slivers of peppers too for some added flavor.
I'm loving having my own broth made at home...when it is simmering on the stove or on the crock pot is smells WONDERFUL!
The other thing that I made that was new is a Hungry Girl recipe...that uses a crock pot for breakfast!
You can find the recipe HERE I did find it really easily to do and it was good! Although seeing that we didn't eat in 7 hours it was a little on the "well done" side of things. The next time I make this one I might do for dinner instead and instead of adding just apples I will probably add some other fruit (such as peaches, blueberries, pears) some I'm excited to have this again. This would also be an excellent thing for having breakfast with a big family for Christmas Morning or another Morning. My 2 year old son also enjoyed this breakfast.
Hope you enjoyed this little post! Sorry no pictures.

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