Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Something crafty...

So since my doc told me (last Thursday) that I couldn't knit for another week. Hopefully this Thursday I will get an ok to go back to knitting a little more regularly, I mean at all. Because I have some projects that I need to get done!!! I have looked at a couple of other blogs for crafty inspiration. I'm going to be putting a blog roll on the top of my blog so you can see what I like to read, look at, & steal ideas from. :) It's ok I put all the credit back to them...
Such as in this crafty idea. Which is SO fun seeing that Valentine's Day is coming up! I was reading Julie at Singing Three Little Birdies She has them available to buy at Belle Rose Designs her etsy store.
Instead of me re-typing the instructions or tutorial check out it out HERE! I will just say that her pictures and step by step are very clear and you can easily follow along or buy them from her etsy store. :) But here are my pictures of my creations.Z's white shirt with silver heartsZ's red shirt with silver heartsOne of Z's baby shirts (now for Aspen) with Hot Pink HeartsAspen's onesie with light pink heartsMy shirt with Aspen's feet in light pink and a heart in hot pinkSilver heart action.My Valentine'sAspen in her light pink hearts pretending she doesn't see meBut really she knew I was there with the camera the entire time. :)

So I'm hoping that you will have some fun being crafty! I'm thinking about adding this to my go to baby gift. So thanks Julie for sharing this wonderful craft with your readers...now I can share it with mine...HOPEFULLY I can get more readers this way. I'm stuck on 29 followers...


  1. Those shirts are so cute!What a wonderful idea! Hope you have a good day!

  2. Aww! The kids are getting SO big!! What the heck happened to the newborns?!


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