Monday, January 10, 2011

where I have been...

So I know that you are wondering were I was...Here I started 2011 with a blog every day and then nothing.
So Wednesday...My husband and I kicked off our weight lose and joined Weight Watchers. We enjoyed it when we did it before and since I was pregnant and then the holiday season...I haven't done very well "losing" that baby weight. Z, Aspen & I had a play group before with our church friends which was fun for some adult and kid time. :)
On Thursday...I went to the doctor for my wrists, UGH! I have been having off and on pain and then some tingling and numbness in my fingers and wrists for a while now. And within the past week or two I have been getting some wonderful weakness in my wrists too...SO that warrants the doctor. Diagnosis = bi-lateral wrist tendonitis. UGH!!! Doctor told me no knitting for a week! WHAT no needles and yarn making stuff for a whole week...SO far I have made it by the way (I so wanted to knit today) I have also been wearing some wonderful wrist braces (when I can...which is usually at night and any other down time during the day) I have wrist exercises to do and get some OMM treatments.On Friday...the kids and I stayed home all day! With Rick starting his OMM fellowship and us only having 1 car I have had to drive him to school/work when I have needed the car. Which I needed the car on Monday (for Aspen's appointment), Tuesday (for my OMM appointment), Wednesday (for the play date and Weight Watcher meeting) and Thursday (for my doc appointment). I need to remember how much longer it takes to get 2 kids in the car and into the buildings for the appointments.
Yesterday we were able to go out for lunch, going to Target to get some odds & ends, Rick let me go to a different yarn store and just enjoy our family time. :) I also made some pretty good oatmeal for breakfast (tomorrow I will be hoping to have time to put the recipe up here) Some point and time I also made some homemade French Onion I'll put the recipe up here too. :)
Today was another great family day...Church, Lunch, naps (for Z, Aspen & myself), football, watching movies, a great family day!


  1. Well I hope that your wrists heal up quickly!! today was a planned vacation day. It snowed, by daughter was going to play in the snow. But now she is sick with a nasty croup like cold. She is napping and I'm inside watching the snow fall and listening to what sounds like a bad accident on the interstate. So thankful to be home. So so thankful! I need to confess that I don't have the books in the mail yet but will hopefully this week (if we all stay well!)

    Blessings to you and your family today!

  2. Pretty sure I would die if I couldn't knit for a week! I hope your wrists are better soon!


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