Monday, February 14, 2011

What a Valentine's Day...

First off...sorry for no pictures in this post.
Secondly...I'm pretty tired and a little broken down SO the story might be a little scattered.
Thirdly...HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY & enjoy our story.

Normally our little happy go lucky boy (Z-Man) wakes up happy and plays in his room and then comes to our room to get us up. TODAY he did NOT do any of that. He cried and cried until Rick went into his room. Rick got him and put him to walk out of his room however he just cried there and wouldn't put any weight on his right leg. He cried throughout the his morning diaper change. He didn't like ANY rotation of his right hip WHAT SO EVER! Rick went into school/work/fellowship (whatever you want to call it) and I said I would keep an eye on it. I thought maybe he just slept on it weird and it was asleep. Well, Z ended up NOT moving from the spot on the couch and he cried off and on every time he tried to move. I ended up sending a text Rick to see if he could get Z into our family doc. He called back and said we could get in at 9:30. It was a unpleasant time getting him dressed to go to the doctors but I made it there in 45 minutes. Z wouldn't let ANYONE touch his leg. The doc said well...let's get you an x-ray and see what is going on. Let's just say of getting an x-ray of hurt 2 1/2 year old little boy is NOT fun! The first set didn't turn out well either so we had to do it again. Well...the x-rays looked good and didn't show anything abnormal for his hip at all. SO then it was calling a pediatrician to see what they would recommend (we love our family doc but sometimes they just need to consult another doc for things they haven't seen) The docs conversed that the next thing would be blood work. It would help come up with things that Z was not. The blood work came back within normal limits so that ruled out a couple things. Then we waited to see if the Ortho doc this afternoon or tomorrow. Well...we are seeing him/her in the morning. SO we shall know FOR sure what he is dealing with. All we do know is that after a dose of pain medicine he was feeling a lot better and even able to put some weight on his right leg.
There is Valentine's Day story for 2011. We are very thankful that he didn't need to be admitted to the hospital tonight. We are thankful that even though he was in pain he still had some smiles and I actually think he liked the extra snuggles with me. We do have some prayer if you are that kind of person PLEASE do pray for...
-Wisdom for the docs that are looking after our son.
-God's peace and understanding in this whole matter.
-Rick & I have been fighting a sinus junk (either an infection, or due to drastic change in our Iowa weather)
Well thank you all very much! I shall have more info tomorrow. ALONG with pictures (today we spent in the car, doctor's offices or hospital labs...the kids weren't really in there Valentine's Day outfits) Actually Z was in his Red shirt with silver hearts that I made for him that he got Vaseline on that one day. :)


  1. Poor Z! He's definitely in my prayers.

  2. I will be praying for him!! And for your whole family!

    I'm glad you got the package. I meant to send an email or comment but I have been so busy and ended up being out of town over the weekend and now it is WEDNESDAY... I hope that the package brought a feeling of Spring to you! I know what you mean about reading. Only I am just taking deep breaths. I tried sewing (started projects) and now I just want to finish them and mark sewing off my list of things I thought I'd like. Why I allow it to cause stress I don't know. gurrr...

    have a wonderful day :O)


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