Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Update on Z-Man!

SO...It's Wednesday! Two days after our wonderful Valentine's Day celebration at doctor's offices, x-ray machines, lab offices, etc. My little Z-Man is doing SO much better!!! It's such a good feeling to have him walking at almost 100%, I don't see him favoring his leg at all, diaper changes are not fun (for me anyway...I'm sick of changing his diapers!) but he's hip didn't hurt while I was moving his hip. SO he is feeling better.
Yesterday we went to the Ortho doc (which didn't have the best "bed-side" manners, especially to a 2 year old parents who were very nervous and scared about what happened to their son!) but he just confirmed what our family doc thought what was bothering him. So that is good it wasn't anything that he needed to be admitted for or to have surgery or any additional medicine. So the confirmed diagnosis is Transient Synovitis. Which is just the joint fluid in his right hip was inflamed due to a virus. They told me that a number of kids get this at around his age group. Although that was news to me. So basically it's an unknown virus that just comes on fast and it can last for a couple days to a week.
So I wanted to thank you all for your prayers for Z and our family. He's doing better and it was SCARY!!! I don't wish this upon anyone! It's so hard to see your baby suffer and there is NOTHING you can do PLUS it doesn't help when your child can't talk to you or tell you what hurts!
Again sorry no pictures on this post...HOPEFULLY I'll be back on here and share with you what else is going on!

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  1. I am so thankful for you all! And pray for you a peaceful rest of the week!


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