Monday, February 21, 2011

Moments of this Monday...

So first off, I'm sorry I have been missing in Blogland. It's been a "difficult" time in our house.
Here are some moments of my Monday...
~Z ended up climbing into bed with us (right beside me) this morning BEFORE 6am. Which is not fun; but he ended up falling back asleep.
~Aspen has been "resting" up a storm today after her busy day of being dedicated yesterday at church. (Pics of that will come later!)
~I was able to knit some.
~I was able to "clean" while Z & Aspen were sleeping.
~For dinner we were able to clean out the fridge.
Yes, I might be a little bit tired.
Yes, I might be still in my PJ's.
Yes, I might not bring money into our home...but I'm loving staying at home with my family!


  1. Just remember that everytime you make a meal or save $$ at the grocery store you are making money for your family!! YOU have the BEST job EVER!!!

    PS I just gave you and award at my blog. I know you are busy and you don't have to do a darn thing if you don't want to! But I wanted to send anyone your way if they had time to say hello to a wonderful and creative blogfriend!!

    Have a wonderful and RESTFUL week :O)

  2. Supporting your husband at home and being the best mommy you can be to your boys is far better than bringing in money. :) Keep it up! You're awesome!

  3. It's been a LONG time since I've left a comment here...

    I'm thankful that I'm able to be at home too. You're in the midst of the hardest days of mothering. Two little ones at home is exhausting! Hang in there. Enjoy the little moments. Yes, things are hard and days are long but the time is short and the memories are even sweeter.

    I so don't want that to sound cliche, but the older my kiddos get the faster time flies. I'll never have those days back and though they were HARD and TIRESOME, they were precious.


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