Saturday, February 26, 2011

Workin' It!

So I want to put something every week on Wednesday about my Works in Progress - it can be any crafts that I'm working on; Knitting Projects, Hair Bows, Fabric Stuff, Note Cards, etc...
So I think I'm going to put it on now and then what I have gotten done on Wednesday (then get into the routine of doing it Weekly) So over the past 2-ish weeks THIS is what I got done OR what I'm working on right now! :)XOXO scarflet
Aspen's Upside-Down Daisy Hat The very top of the hatPicot Edging Hat (I'm trying to find a better name for it!) with Ribbon & a Hair bowPurple "Gehry"HatThe top of the "Gehry" hat

So I have other stuff...I'm working on here they are!
Aspen's Spring Time in Hollis Sweater for when she's a year oldRick's "Skid" hat for next winter
Well...Hope the hat will be done for you to see on Wednesday as well as maybe another project on the needles!
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I love the Gehyr hat! You said it is easy? Is it your pattern? Thanks for the blog award :) I am going to write about it today! :) Miss you right back!

  2. I love the spring time in Hollis sweater pattern - it's in my favorites!

    Like the blog too - found it via ravelry.

    Funny thing - I'm a doctor (first year resident) so it was fun to read about your husband's "journey"


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