Saturday, February 26, 2011

Aspen's getting SO big!

Hello friends & family...
So this post is ALL about Aspen. Sorry if you want to hear about Z or my knitting projects or Rick's rotations or even about me. That will come least some of it.
Last weekend, we dedicated our little Aspen at our church. Being dedicated is not really for the baby at all it's for the parents. Yes the baby is there and he/she is looking all decked out in wonderful looking clothes. :) But mainly being dedicated is for the parents...we take a stand in loving, raising, leading as an example, teaching, being there, hands on, correcting, and all that other "stuff" that God has called us to as parents. Our pastor, Paul, was very direct in this and it was challenging. Just to remember the duty I have as a mother to raise not just Aspen but Z too (and maybe in the future other kids) in the way that God wants to me to raise them. Showing and Sharing not just in our words but in our actions as well.
Here are some pictures of the actual dedication (thanks to my dear friend Liz Cleek from our church)(Grandma Jean & Grandpa Tom are in this picture...& notice Paul preaches from an I-Pad!)
Here are some pictures of Aspen in her dedication outfit...Sweater & Dress (Carter's) given to us from Aunt Caroline & Uncle David (I think mainly Caroline though), Tights were bought ON SALE at Gymboree, Cowboy Boots were part of Z's first Halloween outfit given by their Great Uncle Gary & Aunt Linda, Hat made by me (it's a little on the "bigger side" thus the ribbon) I also made the little hair bow thanks to my friend Dana showing me how to do it!(My favorite!)The gift we got for Aspen from the church for her dedication...So simple and Beautiful to remember that day!
Also Aspen hit her 4 month old mark! I don't have stats for her because we weren't able to get in on her 2 month mark at the doctor's appointment right away (Thanks to Christmas & New Year's) and due to having to wait until she gets her next round of shots (boo, so sad) we have to wait until this Thursday! I will have an update for you then! I do know she's getting bigger because I'm having to keep getting new sleepers & onesies because she is getting TO long for them! Hopefully by then I will also have a little video of her talking, laughing or playing...she is more of a talker than her big brother that is for sure!


  1. I love her little knit hat!

  2. She is just darling! And such a blessing to your family :O)

    Have a wonderful week.

    By the way... You are very talented with the knitting!! I love those hats :O)

  3. I can't believe she is 4 months!! She's such a doll!


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