Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Snapshot #3

So it's I'm looking through my snapshots to see what I should post. I'm linking up again with Kim at Yellow Songbird, so PLEASE join us in this party!
I've decided to go back...but not that far. To our last vacation as a family of 3 in Colorado. Because it was during the "fall" season there. THUS all the wonderful YELLOW & other fall colors. THUS is why I'm "big" I was pregnant with my little Aspen. This trip actually inspired us calling her Aspen.Well I hope you enjoyed the colors...I miss being in Colorado, miss the colors, miss the mountains, miss going for drives, miss the blue skies, miss the sunshine, miss the friends I have made in Colorado....
Have a great rest of your weekend. :)


  1. where in colorado is this??

  2. i miss colorado too! and knew that had to be where these photos were taken :)

  3. Those are beautiful photos, and your little guy is adorable!!

  4. I think the name Aspen is so cute! I love all the pictures but my favorite is the beautiful little cabin. What kind of camera do you use?

  5. we took a road trip to colorado once. you're right... beautiful!!


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