Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Colorado Cartastrofe

Yes...I'm playing on words for my title...I'm kind of sorry about it...but not enough to change. :)
Also this post has no pics...I mean why would you want to see pics of our CARtastrofe.
Like I said in the post below, we took Rick's Trooper to Colorado with us this past trip. We have discovered during long trips it didn't need extra oil as we traveled. That was no biggie just added more oil when we stopped to put gas in the car. On Friday, after we the kids and I went to the aquarium. I loaded the kids in the car and went to do the drive down to the Springs. As I was driving both kids were sleeping and suddenly the car didn't "feel" right. I ended up getting over to the right lane and then off the road (luckily there was an exit there) and pulled into a gas station. I put more oil in the car, let it sit opened for a while and started it back up HOWEVER it didn't "feel" right, SO I didn't get back on the road and called Rick to tell him about it. He ended up getting a car from one of the other students at DMU that was in the Springs for the conference. YEAH, for people that love to help! For me it was really long...after all I didn't have ANY knitting. Can you believe it?!?! Luckily I did have my Blackberry phone that allowed me to get my devotionals done. :)
Rick finally got there, looked at the car, and decided that we go to an Auto store. He put the kids car seats in the other car, I drove that one and followed Rick in the Trooper. When we got to the auto store, we got a hold of Rick's parents to come and get Rick. I actually took the kids down to the Springs in the other car. They were so good being in the car a lot, a car that isn't moving at all! So I was without Rick for a night at the hotel. It went pretty good. The car had 2 diagnosis going for it right now. It was either something with the spark plug or something else with the engine. Rick stayed the night at his parents house and then in the morning went to the car place. I ended up packing the room with 2 kids and NO kids TV shows. I mean there was NO PBS Kids, NO Disney Junior, etc. Z was pretty good; he sat in a drawer and ate fruit loops, he tried to get into the shower with me, he then got into the bath (fully dressed) after I was done with my shower and discovered how to turn on the water. So he was fully dressed, fully soaked...so that was a lemon so I decided to make lemonade and let him entertain himself in the bath (so I took his clothes and everything off and put bubbles in there.)
Rick & Jean drove down to the Springs after they took the car to mechanic and see what they thought. We got everything packed up and checked out of the hotel room. We went to see the Garden of the Gods which is OH so BEAUTIFUL! We got lunch and then on our way to see about the car. Which got the work up of 2 new oil treatments (which they found metal and gunk in there) and was given the diagnosis as DEAD! So we took all the stuff out of it and headed up to Rick's parents house. We had to decide what to do next...
We went ahead and rented a car and got into it at 7:30pm (Mountain time) and we arrived at our condo at 7:30am (Central time)...I think I decided that I like traveling at night with the moon shining (which was the Supermoon) the kids were sleeping and we only stopped once (that was not a scheduled stop to feed Aspen) I even got a book light for my knitting.
So that was our Carastrofe that happened in Colorado. Don't worry Colorado...we still love you!


  1. I hate that things ended this way for you, Katrina...I am so sorry. Also sorry that I couldn't be of help to you guys. I'm very glad you're home safely and hope that you get all your car stuff figured out soon. That's a LOT to have to deal with--I'll send prayers your way. :)

    On another note, I saw tornado warnings for Iowa last night. You guys okay?

  2. Oh my goodness you have been so busy!! I love how you have found you "niche" in life with knitting and traveling!! You all sound like you made the best of a rough moment!!



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