Monday, April 11, 2011

lists, lists, and more lists...

So I'm sitting at the table with my lap-top (I usually write on the couch but this way I can spread out a little bit)
Here are somethings that are spread refillable Giraffe cup from The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (the zoo in Colorado Springs), my calendar, a red ink Sharpie pen, a pencil, a to do list, my phone, there is even a toy train sitting by me however I don't think I need that, a new business card of mine (more on that later), SOS Board items (guidelines, last meetings minutes, working on new agenda), and my weekly to do list. (I'm really sure you needed ALL of that information.)
Today is the start of Rick's OMM fellowship block (he has one more block in the fall) THUS means he has this week and then he is off to West Virginia for his rotation. Also due to us being a 1 car family...and us needing to be somewhere at 5:15pm. The kids and I had to be up and ready to take Rick to school by 7:30am. Z was up at the EARLIEST he has EVER been up!!! He ended up laying with us in our bed for a while...but then he got all crazy and a little loud (and with Aspen sleeping in our room) we had to make sure he didn't wake her up. So we all got out the door and made it to drop Rick off...on the way home...Z fell asleep. So it was just me and Aspen spending time together. (Which doesn't happen very often in the morning) This week is on the busy side for I'm hoping to come up with some post to automatically be put on the blog because now I have time but I want to spread over my "wealth" of information... :)
So this is really a post of different lists...I hope that is ok!
List of meetings, dinners, fun to do this week:
--fit women for my new business (more on that in a different post)
--have small group on Tuesday (dinner, Bible Study, stuffing Easter eggs, fun, fellowship, etc.)
--have a meeting about Z-Man (he is having an evaluation with Early Access about his speech.)
--dinner with Chris & Es (who is on bedrest, keeping that little boy in her as LONG as possible!)
--DMU SOS board meeting
--Iowa Cubs Opening Game with FIREWORKS!
Lists of blogs that are coming:
--Works in progress or finished project...crafty stuff.
--the new bizz...Business
--pics of the kids (which I have NOT been doing very well at taking pics)
--BBQ Pork Pizza (I promised my friend I would do this a while ago...and haven't yet)
--BOOK reports!!! 2 of them! They are REALLY behind!
(This really just helps me remember what I want to write! I write in with a pen and paper but Z has been really helpful about throwing things away.)

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