Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tastey Tuesday...

So a while ago (maybe 2-3 weeks ago) I put on my facebook status that I was having Yummy BBQ Pork Pizza and someone asked me for the recipe...HOWEVER I haven't gotten around to post anything. SO, I'm bringing back Tastey Tuesdays!
So first off...I'm sorry there are NO pics of this pizza it was TOO good and we basically ate all in 1 sitting (ok we had a friend over)
Here is the recipe...and it's NOT very hard! BUT it was OH so yummy!
Here is a couple background info; I LOVE my CROCK POT! Even as a stay at home mommy I LOVE it! I use it all year long and I try to use it at least once a week!
BBQ Pork Pizza
Pork (I just ended up getting a lean pork from the store. No extra flavor or anything.)
BBQ sauce (whatever your family likes the most)
Broth (technically you don't actually have to have a broth...I just make veggie broth and use that to soak the pork...but you can use spices, herbs, and water)
Pizza Crust (the already made and baked kind is what I get...it's usually by the Pizza sauce in the store)
Cheese (whatever fancies your boat really...I ended up trying a Pepper jack cheese.)
I end up cooking the pork in the broth in the crock pot all morning and into the afternoon...
Cut up the onions and peppers (set aside)
After the pork is all cooked, take out of the broth, shred and put in container (I just put it back in the crock pot), with the BBQ sauce, onions and peppers
Grate cheese (or just already have shredded cheese...but when you do it yourself it's fresher!)
Put the pork, onions, peppers in the BBQ sauce on the crust add other seasoning if you would like...garlic salt/powder, whatever fancies your boat. :)
Put cheese on top of the pizza
Back as crust package suggest (cheese should be melted and gooey!)
PLEASE enjoy!

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